UltraTherm 50 Above Ground Heat Pump

Heat or Cool Your Pool for the Ultimate Enjoyment

Consistently heat your pool and extend your swimming season with our full line of heat pumps! The most efficient way to heat your pool or spa! 100% pure, commercial-grade titanium heat exchanger, innovative silent series product design.



  • Exclusive titanium heat exchanger for maximum heat
  • Air management system maximizes heat
  • Small footprint is ideal for above ground pools!
  • LCD display makes operation & serviceability a snap
  • Compatible with many control systems
  • 11/2” Union connections ideal size for above ground pools




ETL Certified

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BTU Heating performance AGECO500AGVIGOH77
Heat Exchanger ConstructionTitaniumTitanium
Temperature ControlDigitalDigital
Ideal for Pools up to: (Gallons)24,00016,000
Remote Compatibility2 & 3-wire2 & 3-wire
80°F Water, 80°F Air, 80% Relative Humidity*COP6.06.0
80°F Water, 80°F Air, 63% Relative Humidity**COP5.65.6
80°F Water, 50°F Air, 63% Relative Humidity**COP4.04.0
Voltage Required230/208 V230/208 V
*Operating Current20 Amps10 Amps
Recommended Circuit Breaker25 Amps20 Amps
Maximum Circuit Breaker30 Amps30 Amps
Minimum Water Flow Rate25 GPM25 GPM
Maximum Water Flow Rate80 GPM80 GPM
Dimensions (W x D x H)32" x 31" x 34"31" x 31" x 31"
Net Weight230 lb170 lb
Shipping Weight245 lb209 lb

* Ratings outside scope of ARI1160
** Ratings in accordance with ARI1160